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    Burley Brampton 9108 Wood Burning Stove

    Now £1,150.00 
    Or from £35.79 per month

    Optional Extras
    • Logstore Base
    • Multifuel Grate
    • Room Sealing Kit - Angled
    • Room Sealing Kit - Straight

    Burley Stoves - Made in UKA future-proof wood burning stove which boasts high efficiency and an extremely clean combustion. The Burley Brampton 9108 exceeds the upcoming EcoDesign directive which emissions much lower than an older stove.

    The  highly advanced Brampton 9108 has an nominal heat output rating of 8kW making it's ideal for larger rooms or open plan living areas where extra heat is often needed. Combined with impressive high efficiency of 80.3%, this incredible stove will provide many years of dependable service whilst creating a lovely feature in your home.

    Made with pride in Great Britain, the Burley Brampton is finished in matt black with stylish wooden door handle and easy to use air control lever located at the base of the appliance. A dedicated wood burning stove which can also be used to burn solid fuels when combined with the optional Multi-Fuel Grate.

    Primary combustion
    Primary combustion is the initial burning of the wood at relatively low temperatures. During primary burn, water is evaporated and large amounts of creosote gas are produced. this creosote holds 60% of the potential energy of the wood, but is often just deposited on the inside of the stove and the lining of the flue,which causes chimney fires.

    Secondary combustion
    If, however, the combustion chamber is designed correctly by having sufficient insulation to raise the core temperature to 400ºC, and the correct amount of air is introduced, this creosote spontaneously combusts. This creates a chain reaction which increases the temperature inside the stove from 400ºC to 600ºC with no extra use of fuel. This is the secondary burn.

    Introducing the air
    The Burley Brampton 9108-C has a unique and patented system of introducing air for combustion, this is called the Fireball. A tubular framework channels air from the intake at the rear, around the fuel bed where it is preheated. The framework extends up each corner of the combustion chamber where the hot air is injected horizontally along the inside of the stove. This creates a vortex which spins anticlockwise and ensures every area of the firebox receives exactly the correct amount of oxygen.

    Tertiary combustion
    Tertiary combustion occurs by fully burning the carbon, charcoal and ash which is left behind. These contain a huge amount of energy and provide a long rate of heat. Anyone who has barbecued will be aware of how much heat is present in semi-combusted wood. Blacksmith smelt steel on it. The vortex created by the Fireball technology also envelops the entire fuel bed, burning it so completely that there is no need for an ash pan.100kg of wood can be reduced to 1 pint of ash (a ratio of 350:1) which is simply scooped out. No more carrying bucket loads of ash through the house every time you want a fire!

    Quaternary combustion
    To create even more heat for your room and less soot for your chimney, Burley’s stoves have a unique quaternary (fourth) combustion process. As the hot gases exit the combustion chamber they pass through a mesh filter. The mesh is heated to such a high temperature that when any particles of soot or creosote which have escaped the secondary combustion touch it, they are ignited on contact.

    The modern, portrait scale of the Brampton 9108 can be increased further with the addition of an optional Logstore Plinth which sits at the base of the appliance lifting the height by an extra 183mm (7¼"). This highly advanced stove is made in Burley's headquarters in Oakham, East Midlands using locally sourced materials whilst being as environmentally responsibly as they can.

    Simple and modern in design, the Brampton 9108 is constructed from steel. The plate steel sections are 5mm and 8mm thick and are welded by robots with the welds applied in exactly the right place and in exactly the right thickness resulting in the steel sections being melted and fused together to make a virtually indestructible construction. Weighing in at 105kg, you can be assured that this cutting-edge stove is built to last giving years of dependable service.

    Burley Thank You Pack for StovesIncluded free with the Brampton 9108 is Burley's 'Thank You' pack which typically contains:

    • Spanner to attach and adjust the tension of the air control lever
    • Coaster to protect the top of your stove
    • Moisture Meter to ensure your wood is dry
    • Stove Paint in case you prefer black handles or ever need to touch up any paint work
    • Heat Resistant Glove
    • Scoop for removing ash
    • Allen Key should you wish to adjust the door handle
    • A Mug to enjoy a cup of tea whilst admiring the fantastic flame picture

    The contents of the kits vary from model to model, so not all the items listed or shown above may be included with your stove.

    Burley Firecube Stove Instructions

    Download Instructions
    (Manufacturers instructions are offered as a guide only and may not always be the latest version)

    Burley Stoves Brochure

    Download Brochure
    (Burley Wood Burning Stove brochure 2020)

    Brampton 9108
    Country of Manufacture
    United Kingdom
    Heater Type
    Wood Burning Stove (Multi-Fuel capability when using the optional Multi-Fuel Grate)
    Nominal Heat Output
    Efficiency (Net)
    Dust (mg/m3)
    Particulates (gr/h)
    Carbon Monoxide
    Nitrous Oxides
    DEFRA Approved
    EcoDesign Compliant
    Airwash System
    CO concentration @ 13% Oxygen
    Maximum Log Length
    430mm (17")
    Air Vent requirement
    1962mm sq. min 50mm diameter (Air Vent not required if stove is room sealed)
    Minimum flue draught mm H2O
    Flue Gas temperature
    Spigot temp
    Flue Size (top exit)
    150mm (6")
    Minimum chimney diameter
    150mm (6")
    Minimum distance to combustible materials
    10cm behind (4") / 40cm at side (16") / 40cm to top
    5 Years
    *All dimensions are offered as a guide only and subject to change. These sizes are not to be used for any building preparation.

    Burley Brampton 9108 Stove Sizes

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